In my youth I travelled quite a bit, and never minded eating at a restaurant alone.  I’m forcing myself to get back in the habit. I’ve had family and friends express shock and horror that I’d eat out alone or go see a movie alone.  They are really going to love all my upcoming solo travel. I even had a friend beg me to never drink alone.

NEWS FLASH: I am alone.  I am a childless widow.  That means lots of alone time.  Get over it.

People act like the childless widow should be hidden away at home to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches until some Good Samaritan invites her out into the real world.  I’m sorry, I call bull$hit on that notion.  I refuse to put my life on hold until it’s convenient for someone else to join me on an adventure or for the world’s best huckleberry pancakes.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard.  Sitting down at our family’s favorite breakfast joint I automatically went through Dad’s, Mom’s and Dan’s orders in my head. We had many wonderful meals here. Lots of memories.  And it was a bit of a gut punch. But I’m here anyway, doing my best to honor Dan’s LiveNow wishes.  Now pass the pancakes.