I love my guy friends. Like bulls in a china shop they tread on delicate topics my lady friends won’t even acknowledge exist. Lately, they’ve been entertaining me with their dating advice, especially since it’s all over the board. Here are the ten that keep me laughing the most. I hope you’re as easily amused as I am.

  1. Guys aren’t that smart, don’t give them too much credit.
  2. Lower your standards, get on Tinder and find Mr. Right Now.
  3. Find a Duke or Earl when you’re in Europe. Make sure he owns a castle.
  4. Be careful of guys who want to take advantage of widows.
  5. Guys are afraid of widows so don’t lead with that.
  6. Try Match.com.
  7. Match.com sucks.
  8. Make sure you (conceal) carry when you go out.
  9. Don’t trust any guy you meet in a bar.
  10. You’re not going to meet anyone if you don’t leave your house.