A Wandering Widow Post (delayed post)

T-0 Days to Launch.

After watching the days tick down, it’s finally here. Today I wave farewell to everything and everyone I know and love; everything familiar and comfortable. And while I will miss them all terribly, my heart is full.  

Do you remember the last time you felt butterflies?  The good kind? The ones that remind you, deep in your belly, that everything and every minute and every person is full of possibility? Those fluttering wings have been keeping me awake at night, like a little kid on Christmas Eve. 

I won’t lie, I also have some apprehensions. Can I really do this alone for a year? Did I pack enough in my one little suitcase? Did I pack too much? Will I finally learn how to read a euro map so I don’t get lost everywhere?  And the one that occupies my over-thinking brain the most, will I be able to handle the loneliness?  I’ve come a long way from where I started on this grief journey.  Map or no map, I’ll figure it out. 


The Wandering Widow